Start Using This Recipe Forever To Stay Young And Beautiful

For long and enviable youth, Medicines and doses are used. The body is awakened dormant forces, increases physical strength and male power. Reproduction creates substances, the best prescription for children deprived of parents. It is useful to both men and women, woman’s loose body makes beautiful smart and young.

This recipe has been developed over 10 years ago, this gift for all those who are fans of natural herbal. You can use each season. Using 10 days and then three days of truancy use. Similarly, it is sufficient for one month, after a month break, then you can use.

Preparation and Recipe ingredients:

Recipe Forever To Stay Young (2)

Mix all ingredients should be separate grind, and use as instruction.

1- Coconut 60 grams.

2- Dried Dates Without Seed 60 grams.

3- Raisins 60 grams.

4- Walnuts Nuts 60 grams.


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