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Symptoms, Causes And Complications Of Pain In The Legs In Diabetes Disease

Diabetes is a very dangerous disease, and can often produce serious complications in the legs. Approximately 20-30% of people with diabetes in their lifetime having problems with their feet. The probability of their occurrence increases with age. Foot Disorders in Diabetes bring a lot of trouble, and doctors and patients, but unfortunately, as yet there is no simple solution to this problem. Should you experience such pain should immediately seek professional medical advice, only he can assign the correct treatment.

The goal of treatment is to relieve pain in the legs (and, ideally, their complete elimination), and the preservation of the patient’s ability to fully move. If you ignore the prevention and treatment of diabetes complications on your feet, in a patient may appear serious problems, up to the loss of toes or feet. Legs with diabetes hurt from what remains excessively narrow gap due to atherosclerosis in the blood vessels. Foot tissue loses the right amount of blood, thereby sending pain signals.

Problems with your feet in the disease of diabetes:

1. The nerve fibers are affected chronically elevated blood sugar, so that they cease to conduct impulses. This leads to the fact that the legs lose their sensitivity, and this phenomenon is called – diabetic neuropathy.

2. Supply leg blood vessels become clogged due to the formation of a blood clot (thrombus that is), or atherosclerosis. It begins anoxia tissue (ischemia). Feet in this case usually hurt.

Signs of impaired blood flow in the legs with diabetes. Especially in the elderly should be carefully inspected every day your feet and legs. external early warning signs can be seen in the case of violation of blood flow through the vessels. peripheral artery disease have symptoms of early stage. It becomes dry skin on the feet, perhaps, its peeling combined with itching. There may be areas depigmentation of the skin or pigmentation. Hair shin males turn gray and falls out. The skin may be cool to the touch and is constantly pale.


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