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The Cheap Super Remedy To Remove Dandruff Quickly At Home

People are trying a lot of methods, because dandruff and prevents communication gives discomfort to its owner. Among these methods are dandruff shampoo, treatment mask and ointments from the pharmacy, usually containing zinc and anti-fungal components. There is a remedy for dandruff, gives a wonderful effect, Proved through repeated experience of the application of both women and men. This is the home hair mask, which is suitable for protection from dandruff at home.

Cheap Super Remedy For Dandruff:

Described below is a mask of dandruff can be easily made at home, as its components are easy to find in your kitchen. We will need these ingredients in the specified proportions:

1- One egg yolk usual egg.
2- Ten ml of liquid honey.
3- Two tsp lemon juice.
5- Five ml of castor oil.

Castor oil fights against all kinds of enemies of the hair. This amazing oil has essential fatty acids, strengthens the hair structure and significantly accelerate their growth. Specifically, ricinoleic acid, which is part of the oil and helps to forget about dandruff permanently. Oil can be used to deposit themselves on the hair and scalp are also unchanged and combine it with other components to produce masks shampoos and balsams. The oil is difficult to wash off the hair, so they need to remove it lather your hair with shampoo, and then rinse with acidified water.

Treatment of dandruff is conducted as follows:

* All the components you need to mix with a fork or a mini-mixer at medium-sized plastic container or glass until smooth.

* Get the mask dandruff abundantly distributed on the hair roots. You can spend a dandruff treatment before washing the head, it is possible and after.

* After that, as a remedy for dandruff is applied to the hair, it is advisable to wrap the head with a plastic bag. This is necessary not only to protect your clothes from pollution. The film creates a thermal effect, which will greatly enhance the beneficial effects of the mask.

* Nosit mask on the head can be for 2-3 hours, but definitely not less than an hour.

* Washed off under running lukewarm water. Repeat this treatment of dandruff at home is allowed after 2-3 days until the time of full recovery.

This very simple mask takes very little time and money, but it really helps. In addition to achieving the main goal of the application, it is an excellent tool for nourishing hair. Dandruff disappears without a trace and no longer bothers you, and do the hair becomes healthy and beautiful shine. Most Expensive dandruff shampoo does not always work as a home remedy.


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