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University of California experts has found that deep breathing and removing mental fatigue possibly related. Experts were found accidentally revealed that this time, they learn a few things about the experience of neurons and respiration. There are actually neurons in the brain cells, which migrate to other parts of the body to the orders from the brain. But sometimes no orders do not reach other parts of the body properly.

Almost everything we need today can be obtained without making almost no effort, so people are constantly experiencing stress and anxiety. People need to learn and manage these negative emotions can through physical and breathing exercises.

What bothers some orders to move to other parts of the body. To find out why, University of California experts began the experiment. Experts have analyzed at least 175 people, which was revealed during the take deep breaths to achieve mental fatigue, cause anxiety, anger and emotion.

According to experts, often the elderly and medically associated people are called for patients to take deep breaths to avoid trouble. Experts said that positive thoughts in the minds of those who come to take deep breaths. They feel less mental fatigue. Experts are still doing more research on the discovery, it is likely that the most convenient and least expensive height increase method to take deep breaths in open mind.


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