The Most Experienced Prescription And Treatment Of Hepatitis-C In Tibb-e-Unani

Hepatitis C is considered to be a difficult disease to treat. And the Allopathic medicine its vaccine is very expensive. This vaccine excessive influence in the liver, which this virus works to deadlines, and he often fails. Especially for those patients before the disease attacks the liver visually be patient, and whom the vaccine is effective if the virus adds to the deadline, but it could not exist.

Therefore, it is very dangerous and difficult in Allopathic treatments, Sometimes the disease is considered incurable. But it is not. In Tibb-e-Unani the treatment is available, thousands of people have recovered from treatment. And Hepatitis C has entirely disappeared. This treatment method is very simple and inexpensive, but it should not be considered insignificant.

Before treatment the Patients daily drink five days water of “Black Barley” every night at least 250 ml. The sixth day 6 carats “PUPESER” and 3 carats “SOSI” And a 500 mg full capsule of Indian kor, use daily morning and evening for five days. And tests before taking the last dose. In Sha Allah report will be negative. Remember that the ten-day treatment is only for people who do not get vaccinated Allopathic. Patients who are older, their treatment are just long. And sometimes may extend over six months.

Herbal Ingredient:

“Susan” is a term that describes in medicine, included turmeric, fennel and mlathi (liquorice root) prepared to grind by equal mixing. Similarly “Pupeser” included Almond four Tola, Essence mlathi (liquorice root) two Tola, Fennel, half a cup and Pepper half Tola.

Each type of wind, sour, spicy, sharp pepper and spicy items.


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