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Women Abused One Thing During Pregnancy Could Affect The Child’s Mental Health

Scientists gave stern warning That woman. Whom Abused one thing during pregnancy could affect the child’s mental health. The vitamin Folic acid supplements for pregnant women is considered very important. Many pregnant women use this vitamin, but serious research has revealed that Folic acid intake is so much mental illness in the child becomes at risk of autism.

Although research has not yet formally published, but it has begun debate on the issues of medical experts say. Head of research with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health scientist said Ram Crepe Rguan “This is a good example of abuse. We recommend the use of folate to ensure women from the beginning of pregnancy. What we need to understand how important it is that the dose of folate during pregnancy and not be on a higher dose than that.

Folate Vitamin B:

Folate is a B vitamin which is found naturally in fruits and vegetables. Folic acid is usually present in the synthetic form of vitamin supplements. If folate deficiency in women so can the brain and spinal cord problems in children being born. A recent study of 1391 women and found that women whose folate intake had an increased risk of autism in their children’s disease was two times higher. That woman Vitamin B12 was abusing their children had three times the risk. The high levels of vitamin risk of autism were about seventeen times higher. In this research Baltimore International Meeting for Autism Research was presented in 2016.


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