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Write Cure Codes On Your Arms and Save Yourself From Incurable Diseases

Number-ology is a knowledge which is based on the digits. We can take advantage in a different sort with the help of this knowledge. In recent, Malaysian and Indonesian scholars research on this knowledge. They have converted Verses of Holy Quran (which are known as curable verses) into Disease Cure Codes. Just write code according to your disease on right arm (near the shoulder). It’s very difficult to write the whole verses on arms or bend any paper on which verses have been written.

If someone writes the Disease Cure Codes on the right arm of patients with the help of any pen or marker, then the patient will be cured of his disease in a just few couple of days without any medical treatment. The process has also been analyzed in different patients who were suffering from incurable diseases and lose their hopes to get back their lives. The result was totally unbelievable and effective. More than 90% people have been cured and enjoying their lives happily.

Disease Cure Codes Chart:

Bellow we are enlisting Codes for different complex diseases. Just write these codes (which one is necessary) on patient’s right arm with pen or marker. You will see the positive affect with in next half an hour.
Sr. #DiseaseCure Codes
1.Cancer Treatment19-3625
2.Relief from Cancer Pain19-6-3625
3.High Blood Pressure & Cholesterol812-212-66-13
4.Low Blood Pressure812-212-66-12
5.Hepatitis or Jaundice (All Types)812-212-66-14
6.Stroke and Brain Tumor812-212-66-28
7.Diabetes (urine or blood)812-212-66-30
8.Leg pain, Joint Pain812-212-66-33
9.Tuberculosis (TB)812-212-66-37
10.Leucorrhoea and Female Diseases2894
12.Poliomyelitis (polio)48-3625
14.Heart Disease5-38
15.Bawaseer, Piles812-212-66-34
16.Lose Fats5-3625
17.Kids Weeping due to Ear Pain289181
18.Ear Pain289175
19.Pain Relief (Any Type)2893 6-3625
20.Eye Weakness5-27
21.Prostate Gland in Male5-50
22.Tonsils Pain43369
23.Migraine (Right Side)28939
24.Migraine (Left Side)28952
25.Back Pain Relief66
26.Stop wound blood812-212-66
27.To urinate on the bed5-15
28.Headache Pain2-3625
30.Throat Pain Relief5-32
32.Flue, Cough and Throat Rash5-63 2897
33.Allergy Due to pollution66-37
34.Acidity in Stomach5-47
35.For All problems of less then 12 year kids812-212-66-3
36.Hair Problems289127
37.Feet Rashes289162
39.Lose Motions812-212-66-38
40.Child Don’t drink Milk812-212-66-39
41.Blood blocking though wounds812-212-66-15
42.Effects of Dangerous Gases812-212-66-35
43.Pain due to Swelling812-212-66-36
44.Accident289133 or 812-212-66-1 or 812-212-66-2
45.Weakness after dehydration812-212-66-20
46.Safe from cold812-212-66-21
47.Vomiting in journey812-212-66-7
48.Skin Burn812-212-66-6
49.Dengue Virus812-212-66-5
50.Throat and neck pain812-212-66-4
51.Skin Problems (All Types)5-66
52.Stomach Disordering5-3
53.Wishing Baby786-812-212-66, 56-336-707-717, 3763
54.Injury of muscles and bones812-212-66-1
55.If diarrhea not stoped6610-812-212-66-38
56.Dermographia and Skin rash812-212-66-2
57.Bloody diarrhea433171
58.Physical weakness and Impotence812-202-112-66

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